Monday, May 7, 2007

Episode 4: Boston Lager - This is the beer

In episode four we talk about Sam Adams Boston Lager. No matter where you fall on the map this week, you should be able to get this beer. We rambled on a bit, but we hear people like that hopefully almost 16 minutes isn't to long.


First off, we want to remind everyone that May 13th thru the 20th is American Craft Beer week. Go find a brewery and have a beer!

Second, Miller is rolling out a Mexican Style Beer called Miller Chill. This beer contains a "hint of salt and lime." So far, reviews say that it tastes very artificial. However, if you want a cocktail with lime and salt try a Michelada

Boston Lager

  • This weeks offering comes from Boston Brewing Company (Sam Adams) the fifth largest brewery in the country this year, moving up two spots from last year.
  • You may recognize the goofy looking guy Jim Koch in the commercials.
  • Again, it's an American Lager, which means it is going to have a pretty good balance of malt and hops, but still be rather crisp.
  • This most certainly tastes different between bottle and draft. The draft is a bit more hoppy.

Our next show

We will be moving to something completely different with the next show. We will be starting the Pilsner series, which still falls under the lager category but is a little more specific. We will be starting with Budweiser/Miller/Coors versions of Pilsners, and working our way up from there in the following weeks.


Summer said...

That podcast had ADD and I am still not sure what kind of beer it was about....some sort of weird bloody mary beer, wait no, um beer in a green bottle, um nope oh yes, Boston Lager! :)Haha just giving you guys a hard time, keep up the good work!

Jacob said...

Glad you could wade through. This one was far more off-topic than usual.

Thanks for listening!