Saturday, April 7, 2007

Episode 1: The Rules

In our first episode Jim and I talked a bit about what we are trying to do with this podcast. We didn't get it all done in 10 minutes, but we were close!

We highlighted what makes Your Next Beer different from other beer podcasts:
  • 10 minutes once per week, because we don’t have enough time to record hours at a time, we have lives.
  • No “on air” tasting, how does that help you?
  • Beers you can get where you are

The plan is to look at a particular beer style and then move towards bigger beers. When you hear bigger beer thing hoppier (more bitter) and maltier (more bread taste).

We are looking forward to hearing from all of you! If you have questions you can email You can also comment right here on this very blog.

The Next Show

The next show is a bit of background about the two general kinds of beers: ales and lagers.

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