Sunday, April 22, 2007

Episode 2: Two Beers to Rule them All

In Episode two Jim educates us on the two main categories of beer: ales and lagers.

We talk about the difference between the two styles from production to taste. Since most Ales are alike and most Lagers are alike if you know you like one type more than another you can quickly eliminate 1/2 of the beers on a big beer menu.

The Next Show

Next time we start into "real" shows we will be looking at beer one in the American Lager series.

For the next three or four weeks we will be talking about American Lagers and hopefully introducing you to some great new beers.

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Kerygma said...

Oh, I'm proud of you guys. Well, I dunno if proud is the right word, but it sure is nifty that you guys have a podcast! And thank you, Neely, for acknowledging that there are GIRLS that drink beer, and not daiquiris. Though sometimes we girls do enjoy a nice Irish coffee...