Monday, June 4, 2007

Episode 9: Blue Moon – You saw me standing alone

Back to the macro brews with Blue Moon and Wheat beers. This series should put you in the summertime mood.


Two of our listeners got engaged a few weeks ago, so George and Jerry, congrats. We will be working on a “Your Next Beer: Extreme Wedding Edition” for you.

And in other wedding news, Jake’s sister and Podcast listener Rachel got married to Shawn on Saturday, June 2.

Hefeweizen/Wheat Beers

  • Wheat beers are traditionally brewed with, you guessed it, wheat.
  • The term hefeweizen actually comes from the German words "hefe" meaning yeast and "weizen" meaning wheat.
  • Often times you may see these beers with a slice of lemon or an orange. Some people will tell you that is blasphemy, some will be accepting.
  • Another note on pouring, these are unfiltered which means they are cloudy. Good hefewizens will tell you on the bottle to pour about half of it, then to swirl the bottle to “rouse the yeast” and then pour the rest.

Blue Moon

  • Blue Moon, made officially by, get this, Blue Moon Brewing Company. Translated from marketing speak to normal speak, that means Moslon-Coors of Canada.
  • Being that this is a Coors product, you can get this anywhere. In fact if you can’t get this product I would be amazed.
  • This beer was actually first made at the Sandlot, the brewery located at Coors Field in Colorado. It has won a few awards, including a Gold Medal at the 1995 World Beer Championship and two silver medals one at 1996 and one at 1997 World Beer Championships, all in the White Beer Category.
  • The vital statistics here, about 5.4% abv, brewed from barley, white wheat, and oats. Kind of orangy and hazy in color.
  • As for the taste, well Jim has always thought this to be a little soapy in flavor really. There is a sweetness to this beer though that is much different than the past couple weeks, definitely an orangy flavor, but also a bit spicy, like coriander or clove.

Next Week

We will be looking at American craft Hefeweizen. Depending on where you are, look to pick up Pyramid Brewing Company, Shiner or Sam Adams.

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